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We are one of the prominent players that are engaged in offering pest control services in the Northern India region. The services offered by us include general pest control, rodent control, termites for home and termite treatment for offices. With our domain expertise, we are also able to offer pre-construction anti termite treatments, termite treatment slab injection, fogging, mist blowing and hurricane spraying. These are used in many residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Various features of our services are mentioned below:

  • Flexible
  • Customized
  • Timely

Ants are found almost everywhere, and regular pest control is needed to control them. Pests such as ants, spiders and roaches can be controlled by using effective residual spray around the windows, doors, fireplaces, and other places all around the premise. To ensure effective pest control, regular treatment is needed periodically through-out the year. Bedbugs belong to the Cimicidae family and are small nocturnal insects that live on hematophagy or feeds on the humans and warm blooded animal’s blood. A most prevalent health pest during of the 20th century, these bugs have considerably reduced over the period of time. Despite, this fact, the cases of bug infestations are on a rise all around the world. This bug is a wingless insect with an oval shaped body, 4-5mm in length and ability to run very fast.

On suspecting the presence of the bed bugs, a reliable and licensed pest controller must be consulted, who must undertake a vigilant inspection of all the possible hiding places. When the likely resources are identified, an approved insecticide with residual activity should be applied to all the places. Carbamates & organophosphates are highly effective for this bug control, but shouldn’t be used on mattresses. Moreover, non-chemical approaches towards the elimination of these bugs include vacuuming and steam. Some of the factors that must be taken care of during bed bug treatment and control are as follows:

  • Infested clothing should be washed in hot water and dried using a clothes drier
  • Delicate material should be placed into the freezer
  • Pesticides must be applied in conjunction with any non-chemical means of control
  • Good housekeeping practices must be adopted
  • Reduction in possible harborages
  • Hands must be washed properly after use the insecticide
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